Tottenham vs Chelsea prediction

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Tottenham – Chelsea

Today I really like the Tottenham shot option. But I advise you to flirt more than 14.5 for 4.70, I see no reason here to take, for example, more than 11.5 for 1.95. After all, the difference is only 3 strokes, and in the coefficient it is noticeable. In fact, I believe that today either the performance characteristics will play terribly and there won’t even be 10 hits, or a more logical course of the game will happen and the hosts will have even 20 hits.

Tottenham vs Chelsea prediction
Tottenham vs Chelsea prediction

The second match of the cup, after the defeat 0-2, the tasks are clear, Chelsea can play on hold, and Tottenham must recoup. That is, you need to attack a lot and hit a lot. And Chelsea’s defense is very strong, so that the option where Tottenham will quickly win back these 2 goals and he himself will begin to play on hold is almost impossible.

So I would venture to assume that almost the entire performance characteristics match will be recouped, and at the end there may be an assault at all. With this course of play, hitting 15 hits is generally easy for a top club. After all, this is not a large number of blows after all.

For example, in the first game of the cup, Chelsea, who was leading the game, had 19 shots and this despite the fact that Chelsea often likes to roll the ball. But Tottenham has performers in the center of the field who like to punch from a distance and of course Kane. Unfortunately, the Dream is injured, but even without him the spurs will do their blows today.

Our prediction

All hits: Tottenham individual total Over 14.5
Odd 4.7
Bet amount 500$

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