Sweden vs Russia prediction

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Today we have a hockey prediction to the Eurotour, where only 4 teams are playing to each other: Russia, Sweden, Finland and Czech. We’ll make a prediction for this game: Sweden – Russia.

Sweden vs Russia prediction

Swedes has a good tourney start from the victory on Czech team by 2:1. And in this game they will get a huge support from their home stadium and their fans.

Russia faild with the tourney start by losing to the Finland by 0:3. And we think that they have draw a conclusions and will come back with a battle mood for this game. If we will look through their head-to-head games we could find that they have similar 50-50% chance for a victory, but betting odds are too much overpriced because of the Sweden home match. And we prefer to take a double chance for Russia (win or draw).

Sweden vs Russia prediction

Russia double chance (win or draw) @ 1.97
Bet amount 5% of the bank

Bank and stats

Initial bank amount is 10.000$
Current bank is 16.864$
Our stat is: 14 wins  and 3 loses


Sweden vs Russia 5:2 (1:0, 2:0, 2:2)
-843 $
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