South Korea vs China prediction

Today we have a prediction on the qualifiers games to the Women Olympic Games between South Korea and China.

South Korea vs China prediction

Yesterday we were looking on the games of the both teams – South Korea and China, and understand that Korea was underestimated on this tourney. But we have to take into consideration, that South Korea was playing against not so strong team, as a China, it’s just another league. Yesterday’s game as it could seem didn’t shows us a real state of things and we think, that South Korea couldn’t show such a basketball with a stronger teams.

Also we should pay attention to that fact: China overplayed Spanish team, that overplayed South Korea in turn. That’s why we should consider on this facts and think through the opponents real strength. Also we can look through the statistics of their head-to-head games and here we can see, that China always overplays Korea with a big difference in the scores.

So our prediction on this game South Korea vs China follows from the foregoing, that China will win with a handicap (-13.5 points).

South Korea vs China prediction

China to win the game with a handicap (-13.5) @1.9
Bet amount 5% of the bank

Bank and stats

Initial bank amount is 10.000$
Current bank is 16.021$
Our stat is: 14 wins  and 4 loses


South Korea vs China 60:100 (13:19, 11:28, 20:24, 16:29)
WIN !!!
+ 720 $
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