Sevilla vs Real Betis prediction

Spanish La Liga is back. Soon we will see the matches of “Real”, “Barcelona” and “Atletico” again.

Sevilla vs Real Betis prediction

Today, “Sevilla” will meet with “Real Betis”. It is extremely difficult to predict the results of the teams immediately after their return. In personal meetings, too, it is not possible to distinguish an obvious favorite. “Sevilla” won 11 of the last 20 games against “Real Betis”, and total over (2.5 goals) broke in 11 of these meetings. Clubs can both score a bunch of goals and not score in general.

However, there is one interesting fact. “Sevilla” and “Real Betis” – in the top 5 on the percentage of possession of the ball per game. The average total hosts – 58.06 (more at the “Real” and “Barcelona”), the guests – 55.8. “Sevilla” won the ball in the last 18 home games, “Real Betis” – in 11 of the 14 guests.

The average total of “Sevilla” in home games is 65.51%, “Real Betis” in guest games is 57.2%. Despite the fact that “Real Betis” possesses a good ball, “Sevilla” does it much better, at least in their native walls.

Our prediction is: Individual Sevilla ball possession is over than 52.5 % with a coefficient of 1.90!

Sevilla vs Real Betis prediction

Sevilla individual ball posession is over than 52.5% @ 1.90
Bet amount 600$



Bank and stats

Initial bank amount is 10.000$
Current bank is 13.993$
Our stat is: 41 wins  and 30 loses 3 Draw
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