Midtjylland vs Nordsjælland and West Ham vs Watford prediction

This season, the teams have already met each other 3 times, 2 of the meetings took place after the quarantine time. All matches ended with the victory of today’s hosts. The team became the champion of Denmark ahead of schedule, going now with a margin of 16 points from the 2nd place. They have a very good season. And already in the last rounds, they play to the delight of the fans. In the last round, we made a rotation, since before that there was a tough match with Copenhagen, so today the full combat composition should be released.

From the moment when the championship was divided into 2 groups, Norshalland began to experience big problems with the results, it is very difficult for the team to play with strong opponents, therefore they are in the last 6th place, in this group of the strongest. The team no longer performs any tasks, it just plays out the season. There is no particular motivation to play. I look forward to another Midtjylland victory today, which will be for them 4 out of 4, in their personal confrontations this season.

Here we have a match between two teams of equal points and situations. 16th and 17th place in the Premier League, both teams have 34 points and a lead of 3 points from the relegation zone. Obviously, the match is important for both. Victory should protect you from relegation. But it’s risky to climb into the outcome of this match.

I want to bet on West Ham’s total, because after all this team will be more attractive in attack, and in the selection of players, it is also superior to Watford. As for the defense, it is full of holes for both teams and goals in such a match should certainly be. Too much is at stake. A very sweet coefficient is given for the total of hammers, so it perfectly suits our express.

Midtjylland vs Nordsjælland and West Ham vs Watford prediction

Express prediction

Midtjylland vs Nordsjælland – firts team to win the game 1.55
West Ham vs Watford prediction – first team individual total over 1 ball 1.57
Total 2.43
Bet amount 500$
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