Cibona vs Hermes prediction

Today we have prediction for the very important game for Cibona. It’s their home game against the Croatia basketball championship outsider – Hermes. If Cibona will win this, they could lead the tourney.

As for the statistics, Cibona make 1649 poins in 17 games (almost 100 per game), and Hermes misses 1507 (also nearly 100 per game). As for the home game against such a week teak, we think Cibona will totally break them.

And finally, if you would like to analyze their own games between each other in the last 2 years, than you may see, that Cibona overscores more than 100 pionts in all of them, especially in their home games.

Cibona vs Hermes prediction

Cibona vs Hermes prediction

Cibona individual total over 102.5 points @ 1.9
Bet amount 5% of the bank

Bank and stats

Initial bank amount is 10.000$
Current bank is 14.781$
Our stat is: 10 wins  and 2 loses


Cibona vs Hermes 122:75 (32:19, 31:30, 33:15, 26:11)
WIN !!!
+ 665 $
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